Build the world’s most reliable rally equipment.

Support riders in transition from Enduro riding to the world of Rally.

Promote the benefit of the sport in the Enduro Rally community.


Rallyable was founded in the summer of 2023 by two friends, Jakov and Tom. One is a professional athlete and extreme sports competitor, while the other is a dedicated traveler and off-road adventurer. Both of them share a strong entrepreneurial mind and lifelong desire to leave an impact in the motorsport world. 

After a season of riding together on the trails of the Dinaric Alps, they come up with the idea of a company that would produce the world’s most reliable products for like-minded Enduro Rally riders. The rest is history.


Rallyable manufacture equipment for use in Rally Raid (Roadbook od GPS navigated) events. The range of products spans from remote controllers for navigation equipment (roadbook and tripmaster), roadbook holders, rally ready wiring systems, clamps, and many other parts that are specifically improving rally riding experience or converting Enduro motorcycle into Rally ready motorcycle.

Our products are developed with durability and sustainability in focus, making sure that every product is perfectly fitted on an Enduro or Rally motorcycle giving the riders the needed confidence in any riding condition. 

Production processes are designed to apply the latest technology available in the manufacturing and electronics industry, which helps us minimize the impact on environment.

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